Support other candidates at your own risk FDC warns party members ahead of the speakership elections.

The Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party through its spokes person Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda has issued out a warning to party members who might think of backing a candidate who does not belong to them. 

“In the last Parliament, we had MPs who would not even allow participating in our party primaries because they had gone against the party and this, I would like to communicate as the FDC spokesperson, you disobey the party at your own risk, time will come when you need FDC and FDC will not be there for you.” Ssemujju said.

The FDC officially recognized Kira Municipality legislator who doubles as the blue-themed party’s spokesperson Semujju.

The speakership race for the 11th parliament is open, different individuals have come out to express their interest towards the big seat in the House.  Rebecca Kadaga and her deputy Jacob Oulanyah are also still in the race.

“The FDC president said that he received a letter from NUP requesting for a meeting, he briefed the MPs and he said that we will discuss with them, where we have agreed, we will come back and brief you,” Semujju said.   “As  FDC, they would prefer working at an institutional level and not individuals. they will only collaborate with NUP as an institution”. He added 

Apparently there’s a lot of division within the parliament since some members are in support of NRM’s Rebecca Kaddaga due to her effectiveness and ability to run the office which has caused inaudible rumors and likely cause of future divisions.

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