Remove my Music from your sites A pass opens a war on people who upload his music for free.

The corona virus pandemic which originated from china and hit the world has affected all businesses and other sectors across the world, in Uganda there was a total lockdown that was imposed by the government to reduce the spread of the contagious disease among the sectors that were hindered by the virus is music sector whereby to date it is still under lockdown leaving musicians swinging in poverty.

Singer Alexander Bagonza aka A pass has come out to condemn Ugandan website owners who upload Ugandan music on their websites and don’t pay them, A pass has warned these websites such as Howwe biz, Dj Erycom, Mp3 Jaaja among others to remove his music from their websites.

“Dididada” hit maker said that musicians invest a lot of money and time in their music when these websites get their music they upload them and people download them for free, in the wake it is the websites that gain from their hustle.

A Pass continued and said that even big telecommunication companies such as MTN, Airtel, Africell and others use their music for adverts and caller tunes but give artists only 5% of the money, He argued all artists to tell these websites and companies to remove their music until they become better platforms that can allow them to monitor the analytics of their music.

We have the video:

A pass warns websites that upload his music for free

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