I feel more at home” Lynda Ddane on joining Kfm.

Uwamahoro Ddane well known as Lynda Ddane in a YouTube video that made rounds on social media expressed no regrets in relation to her move from Radio City to KFM. 

“I am grateful for whoever I worked for before, most people have been asking me about the life at Radio City and that of KFM but where I am, I already feel at home and I don’t regret leaving Radio City,” she partly said.

Lynda is a renown Television host (NTV Dance Party) which she features Esco and Crypto Panda, she is also known for her juicy body and Catchy melodious voice that leaves viewers and listeners over whelmed.. 

The brown TV queen came to the spot light after starting to co host “NTV the beat” with MC Daggy Nyce which later gained her fame and saw her walking to the radio world.

Ddane also added that the KFM environment has been more professional and it is more of her home than it was at Radio City, she co-hosts Dhook show that runs from 10 to 3 pm.

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