The insults turned to grace when hurt turned to faith, the Muwunya boys released Tuwunya ft Fresh Kid.

The young Patrick Ssenyonjo aka Fresh Kid released a collaboration between him and the New kids on the block “THE REAL DANCE CREW”. “De taxes Boy” linked up with the dancers following their exposure to the public, the Song “TUWUNYA” is as a result of the famous humiliating response from Alex mukulu (A renown competition judge) who Uttered discouragement words towards trial.

The Real dancers Crew came to the spotlight after the Unforgettable “Yolesa ekkitone” Night. The competition is as result of talent searching activity set up by “BBS television” with an interest of finding the next big talent.

 It was at this very stage when the trial (Real dancers Crew) presented their skills but barely a minute they received their verdict from a One “Mukulu” who in his words wasn’t impressed by the unbearable odor from the kids, it’s here he said “Muwunya” a line that later made rounds online.

The words attracted the attention of the public and the Competition received a lot of public critics, Bruno K came out and searched for the Boys that have become a big deal on social media. The alleged lover of Faridah Nakazibwe Vowed to transform the trial and indeed barely a week he changed their situation from the physical appearance to the publicity he also offered them others offers like featuring in his next video.

Various celebrated artists (Lydia Jazmin among others) and prominent persons (like Mp Francis Zaake) have come out to meet the trial. It’s here that also the Young Superstar Fresh kid picked interest in collaborating with the fortunate trial.

The song was written by Fresh Kid’s prominent and talented song writer known as 14K Bwongo. The situation is an accurate translation of the notion “From grass to Grace” however, on the contrary the “Yolessa Ekitone” panelists are still being criticized by the public.

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