Senior kenyan journalist philip Oching passes on at 83.

The Kenyan media industry is currently mourning due to the death of senior Journalist  Philip Ochieng, 83 a celebrated  Journalist and author who passed on due to pneumonia on Tuesday April, 27 2021 in the  evening in Awendo.

The news of his death was announced by his family members and said to be as a result of pneumonia death. Philip was a man of integrity and he was mourned by different prominent Kenya leaders. Orange Democratic Movement (ODM ) party leader Raila Odinga said.

“Through the power of the pen, Philip spoke to the most powerful and moved the society into action,” in eulogized.

Ochieng went against many odds to become one of the most celebrated media personalities of his time; he was an author, editor and public commenter.

  In 1957, Ochieng wrote a letter asking to be re-admitted to school, promising to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. But years later, he declared that God did not exist and confessed to being an atheist who brought major contradictions with his superiors and he didn’t complete his studies.

He later returned to Kenya as trainee reporter at Nation House, the predecessor of Nation Centre, where he later on worked as editorial copy reviser and then as the chief sub-editor.

Philp ochenge will be remembered in the history of Kenya as an outspoken journalist and a revolutionary man.

Between September 1988 and September 1991 he worked as the editor-in-chief of the defunct Kenya Times earning himself the moniker of being a gate keeper of the Kanu regime.

Ochenge has left a very big example for Journalists in East Africa and the public at large.

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