Video: Daddy Andre trashes break up rumor with his slim servant.

Daddy Andre and Nina Roz introduction.

Rumors surrounded the social media world few days back that Andrew Ojambo alias Daddy Adre and Ankunda Nina aka Nina Roz had called it off and their love had ended in tears.

A couple of bloggers circulated rumors saying that a number of reasons had led to their max pro tears, this resulted after checking their Instagram accounts which were showing 0 following yet they only followed each other.

A well known NRM blogger “ Isma Olaxas” said that Nina has a guy in UK who is always in her inbox and mashes up her with  monies and that could be the main reason, however, others were gossiping that Andre is in love with another Ugandan singer based in US known as Shakira and they are planning for introduction ceremony to legalize their relationship .

However, the “Tugende mu church singer” trashed the little tattlers and clarifies about the rumors, He said that his phone was stolen and his social media platforms were hacked in and he no longer accesses them. Here is the video.

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