Eddy Kenzo set to shine in Philly Lutaaya’s Mega hit “Born in Africa”.

The 32 year old BET award  winner Eddy kenzo is expected to release a couple of classic songs formally done by legends on his new album “MADE IN AFRICA” In a social media post, Kenzo came out to out point the songs that are going to be done and also extended his sincere gratitude to the owners of the songs. 

Born in Africa was one of the late Phily Bongole Lutaya’s best albums and it locked the world and it is among the trucks he has redone on his latest album.”The young Mandela” is expected to release his “Made in Africa” Album on April, 30, 2021.

 “Lutaya was the first legend that waved the flag so high in is time and still speaks too many even in his absence, he championed the fight against HIV/AIDS when he came out as the first Ugandan to go public with his positive HIV status. He was the best of his time and his legacy has lived with us up to date. We sat with my team and thought of redoing one is best classics Born in Africa with the aim of extending his art and legacy to a wider range of audience, the story and life of Philly Bongoley Lutaaya is one that must be known far and wide”. Kenzo .

Kenzo says he was inspired by whoever on the list. In his words “As I was growing up I was inspired by a lot of songs and legends that I wished to be like one day, they inspired me a lot to be the musician I am today and always looked up to them, Some of these songs made our childhood so fan that we could dance till we all get covered up in dirt/dust. We decided to bring back the memories of three of these legends and keep their legacies moving”. -Kenzo clearly explains where his inspiration begins from. 

 The “Ssemyekozo” hit maker also mentioned about Monique saka ‘s missounwa and Kanda Bong man’ “Moni”. The album is a product from the big talent camp collective work, Eddy kenzo has been on top of the charts with block buster songs such as “Ssemyekozo,  Bikyuka, Mugole, “Sango the latest featuring Martha Mukisa” among others.

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