Bryan white to rot in prison human rights parliament committee nailed him.

Celebrated city showbiz personality Brian kirumira commonly known as “Bryan White” has been summoned with a document from the human rights. A report from the Human Rights Committee of Parliament which has found Brian Kirumira alias Bryan White guilty of sexually harassing his female employees “Vivian Mutanda and Stella Nandawula”   being one of them,  last year.

In a statement from the vice chair person of the committee Agnes Taaka, indicates that investigations into claims that “Bryan White” sexually harassed girls at his  Brian White Foundation, the investigations were completed and they are now waiting for a day they will present the findings on the floor of Parliament.

 Further more she added “We finished the report and it is already on the order paper. We are waiting for a day they will give us so that we read it out to the public. We found out that the cases were actually very many”.

Rumors generated before the closure of the “Brian white foundation” that the CEO Bryan White was sexually harassing his workers; these (accusations /rumors) attracted the attention of the parliament to start up an investigation on the socialite (Bryan white).

Vivian Mutanda who alleged in 2017, she got employed by Bryan White who then claimed that he was doing secretive projects for President Museveni’s government. “I don’t want Bryan White to have another opportunity to abuse anyone’s daughter again, because he is a very evil man”. Mutanda said.

kirumira “Bryan white” came to the spotlight following his money splashing habit that became popular and gained fame for him, he has been in different scandals during his time on shining, amidst all these rumors the money machine hasn’t come out to speak anything.

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