NBS TV made two lies in a news story and corrected by Joel Ssenyonyi.

National unity platform (NUP) spokesperson also MP- elect for Nakawa west Joel Ssenyoni caught NBS television one of the prominent and recognized television in Uganda offside. Nbs published and broadcasted that Nup named a committee to guide others leaders and the party at large on issues of the position of the Uganda parliament speakership and the shadow government.

According to Nbs these resolution were resolved in a retreat meeting that took two day in Jinja city. Nbs  went ahead and positioned him as an MP-elect  for Nakawa East.

However Ssenyonyi cleared the air and enlightened the messy points that had been lied to the public by the political command center station “The elect committee that was put in place are only handling the issue of speakership races both in parliament and local councils. I didn’t mention shadow government anywhere in the interview . Also Joel Ssenyonyi is the MP-elect for Nakawa West, not East. ”He said.

Nup headed by the party president Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu held a retreat meeting in Jinja city to find ways of strengthening their 16 year old and baby party in active politics of Uganda. In a meeting that lasted for two day, the party leaders were s tasked to review their constitution and submit their thoughts to the constitutional committee leaders headed by Medard Lubega Seggona for amendments where necessary to match the democratic needs as their core value.

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