301 kids were defiled by people with HIV+ in annual crime report 2O2O.

Police officers at Naguru during annual crime report 2020.

The defilement of young children increased last year a total of 301 children were defiled by persons living with HIV and 120 children were defiled by their parents.

“This is absurd and completely deplorable,” AIGP Grace Akullo-Director CID AIGP  said in annual crime report that took place on April 19th .

The inspector General of police, Martin Okoth ochola has issued out the annual crime report for the year 2020, at the Police headquarters in Naguru, Kampala Uganda. It’s an annual mandate of the police to issue out a report on crimes, for purposes of security progress monitoring and public awareness. 

“In our last 2019 Annual Crime Report, we identified some of the challenges, strategies and recommendations that the Uganda Police Force was to adopt in fighting crime. In this 2020 Annual Crime Report, we account for the progress the Institution made in fulfilling its objectives and set out a new Crime Plan, including how we are to tackle the key priorities.” -IGP ochola Said that , 

According to the figures provided in the report there has been decrease of crimes reported to police from 215,224 in 2019 cases to 195,931 cases reported in 2020.  4.7% reduction in the number of traffic accidents reported in 2020 from 12,858 accidents reported in 2019 to 12,249 accidents reported in 2020. In the section of Fire and Rescue emergencies, there was a 1.6% increase in incidents, from 999 incidents handled in 2019 to 1,015 handled in 2020. Signifying a tremendous transition change in case reporting.

Some of the key important Prime aspects of the report are, 

1. To make the public have prior understanding the raising crime trends/styles on a national and local scale! There’s a transition of the crime trend with the growing population and rapid development of the country. It highlights crimes that take place especially against women, children and weaker sections of the society and a growing concern for everyone.

2. Promote sufficient statistical data to analyze and help in shaping interventions to curb crime.

 3. Provide grounds of communication to the population how the Uganda Police Force is fulfilling its obligations

The report also includes Anti-Crime infrastructure usage and progress such as the CCTV Cameras which were installed on roads, Community co-operation and the continuous sensitization of the public. 

        Ochola further more said “Focusing ahead, whilst policing risks and challenges of welfare remain amidst our institution, we must urgently address elements of indiscipline, corruption, poor customer care and human rights abuse amongst some of our officers “. 

Secondly, as our country evolves and grows in science and technologies, so too the Police Force must adapt to these developments and take on roles that reflect the changing values and expectations of the society we seek to protect. This therefore, entails constant training and equipping of our personnel with more advanced knowledge, proper attitude and tools to fight crime” 

The public is also largely encouraged to take time a go through the report.  On a personal merit, IGP sent his gratitude to H.E Yoweri Kaguta museveni, Ministry of internal affairs, Security state agency, Media and the public for their inflicting support.

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