Faded singer Qute Kaye is regaining his cuteness after rehabilitation.

Kawuma Ivan Brian known by stage name Qute Kaye is a musician who broke on music scenes with massive tunes such as  Ginkeese, Njagala Omuwala, Gwendota, Gyetwasokela featuring Priscilla Kalibala, and Osindise asitamye with Iryn Namubiru, these hits heat the night clubs and air waves of Uganda in early 2007.

However like other artists ,he started using drugs and that was the end of  his shining career, in 2013 he was announced dead on different radio stations in Uganda after he had been bedridden, later he cleared the air about his death rumors.

In 2018 Ginkese hit singer was arrested for stealing headlights from a car in Busega, Lubaga division, Kampala. Despite the fact that in 2017 he had declared to have given his life to Jesus Christ and became born again at Pastor Robert Kayanja’s church , the situation was very hard and he confessed that it was the influence of drug addiction.

Kaye decided to be a staunch born again and went for a rehabilitation where he spent almost 8 month “I don’t regret all my past because when I look back I realize that it was God’s divine intervention to pass through all so that I can save the rest from falling the same caliber” he said.

Kaye who is regaining his cuteness added that after battling and overcoming the disease of drug addiction he decided to start sensitization about the dangers of using drugs.

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