US finally imposes restrictions on Museveni and other government officials.

Anthony Blinken the US secretary of state.

World: Few month ago, the US through the department of the Secretary of the state informed that it was investigating  and monitoring thoroughly the actions that took place before, during and after the 14th January general elections that was held in Uganda. These actions of kidnapping, intimidating, killing and arrest without trial were all against democracy and human rights.

Today The US through the Secretary of state Antony J.Blinken imposed visa restrictions against all Ugandan government officials and individuals who violated human rights during and after the January 14th elections. The delegates in few days met the state minister of foreign affairs Sam Kuteesa to discuss about the ongoing abductions of the people especially the youth from the opposition wing, however Kuteesa denied government to ever kidnap people which the envoy saw as an insult on the code of integrity.

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