Bebe Cool calls Museveni to intervene and save the Kabaka .

The Gagamel boss Moses Sali alias Bebe Cool is very concerned and he is very disappointed with the people surrounding his majesty especially the Katikiro Charles Peter Mayiga.

Kabaka was celebrating his 66th birthday yesterday April 13 at Bulange Mengo and he appeared to the public after a period of almost a year without his people sighting on him, however his state of life was so alarming to the extent that he could not even talk neither standing for a longer time.

According to the self proclaimed big size, he stated that as a proud Muganda by tribe he is emotional as to why Kabaka is still here in such bad health conditions and everyone is silent  yet other notable people are rushed a broad to countries with better treatment.  For example whenever Lord Mayor Elias Lukwago gets any minor sickness he is always flown to Kenya in Nairobi hospital for further medical services, “what are your intentions to let Kabaka die softly?? “ He asked .

Bebe Cool calls President Yoweri Museveni to intervene and save Kabaka’s life .

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